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Water: Every Drop Counts!

Let me tell you a story. True story!

So, three days back, my old neighbour who lives abroad with her daughter, came back to the country for a visit. Opened up her apartment that had remained shut for more than 18 months, but thanks to the neighbours, was maintained in decent condition, with an extra round of cleaning thrown in so the lady and her offspring didn’t get enveloped in dust the minute they stepped in.

That night, at about 2:30 am, the old lady’s son-in-law, who seemed like a senior citizen himself, woke up to answer nature’s call. Went in to use the Indian style toilet. Of course. having lived abroad for three decades upwards, the man was out of touch with squatting. He couldn’t get right back up and put his weight on the pipe to give him some leverage.

Next moment he was caught in a major deluge! The old pipes, unused to such manhandling, burst right open, soaking him in seconds. Within minutes, the whole household was in an uproar. They woke up the flat secretary, the watchmen and any other stray insomniac that happened to walk past at that ungodly hour.

The poor secretary ran two floors up to the terrace, located their inlet pipe after an exhaustive search and turned off the mains. Only snag was, the inlet pipe didn’t just feed into the bathroom with the burst pipe but of everyone on that line. Including mine! It made for a frantic morning, when the kids woke up unable to use their bathroom and all of us had to share one, making the rush hour even more of one.

That same time, the Site Administrator of one of the residential complexes which had our VenAqua system installed, had a similar incident. At 2.00 am, his phone pinged with a message that flat X was showing an unusual amount of water usage. He puzzled over this, as that apartment was lying empty currently. Still, he followed protocol and informed his counterpart at the residential complex. Who walked inside the empty apartment to find the cause of the water leak: an open tap in one of the bathrooms.

He quickly turned the tap off and delved further into the matter. Turned out, the flat was shown to prospective tenants by a realtor, who had opened the taps and not closed one off completely. The tanks were empty then but as they filled, the water started leaking through the open tap. The residential complex’s administrator called our offices later that morning to share the results of his investigation and thank the stars for our product. As without it, they might have lost much more water – at least till the next time the apartment was opened and someone went into the bathroom to find out where the sound of water was coming from!

Sometimes, it is great when a system comes together, isn’t it?

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