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How you can minimise water usage andbring down your soaring bills Come summer and many apartment complexes in several cities may run out of water. With soaring costs of tanker water, residents tend to run hefty water bills. However, a few simple techniques can help lower your water usage and cut your bill. Reduce usage Typical water usage is about 135 litres per person per day; 55 litres goes for bathing, another 30 litres towards toilet flushing, 40 litres for washing and cleaning (clothes, utensils) and another five litres each towards cooking and drinking. You can install inexpensive water saving devices such as faucet heads, aerators, pressure

Another year draws to a close. A year that began full of promise, as it does every year. A year that has brought a series of highs and lows. If water and the lack of it were the talking points in the beginning of the year, too much water and the resultant flooding in Chennai, while droughts ravaged Uttarakhand is how we are closing down this year. As if we needed more proof that water is the central need of every life! Here’s a list of just some of the interesting articles published this year on water conservation. Here’s looking forward to a better

Our VenAqua blog is a fledgling. It came into existence just a few months back, out of a need to tell and share water stories, about conservation, sustainability and so on as it was related to our product, the VenAqua water meter. Our product is there to help you show you how much water you consume and thereby, help you save it. And so, it made sense to talk about water. Quite a bit. Let’s see what all we spoke about this year, shall we? The first ever post written on the blog is about saving Perumbakkam Lake in Chennai. This was a crowd-funding event

“Please join us this weekend for a cleanup of the Adyar river. Assembly point: X. Time: Y am” As recently as two days prior, I got this message. Despite many weeks having passed since, the effects of the colossal floods that hit TamilNadu are still being felt, with many areas still lying under water or the mountains of filth the waters threw up. Yes, the same garbage we mindlessly chucked around, now found its way back to the people! Go, Nature! Weeks after the devastating TN floods, yet another part of the world suffered from similar events. Cumbria, in the north of England, home to

The government made an announcement last week, listing the 20 smart cities that are going to be built as a part of the PM’s vision for the country and Chennai, the capital of the southern state of Tamil Nadu, made the list. Along with Coimbatore, these two cities will get Rs 500 crores each from the Centre for their upgrade from regular cities to smart ones. So, what is on the agenda? Water. Yes, this life-giving liquid ranks among the top priorities of this smart-city-in-waiting. Safer water, cleaner ways of getting it and making it all more sustainable is where the city wants to go

So. Are you the pink heart-shaped balloons and chocolates-type person? Or the one that runs away from those things kind? Whichever camp you fall into, it cannot have escaped your notice that the day ardently looked on by the starry eyed is almost upon us. What was that? What has that got to do with us, you ask? Well, nothing. Exactly. Just that it is never the wrong time to talk about our depleting natural resources, including water and what better day than the Day of Love, to show some love to our beloved Planet Earth? How do we do that? Let’s start, as with

The past week, a heart-rending image of an emaciated Nigerian toddler has been doing the rounds on the Internet. The starved, painfully thin child was seen gratefully sipping from a bottle of mineral water, held by the aid worker that rescued him was enough to tug on the heart-strings of the most hardened person. The reasoning behind how the situation came about aside, the image of this toddler, not much bigger than that bottle of water, drinking water from a safe, clean source is an arresting one. Because, more than a billion of the world’s children are unable to access the same. Clean, safe

Today’s Holi in India, the festival that celebrates Spring and all of its glory. Holi is synonymous with colour and up and down the country and among the diaspora worldwide, there’s this sense of joy and pure fun that only Holi can bring. But, on the flip side, it is also a festival that is not very environment-friendly. Apart from throwing the colours over each other, there’s also the gallons of water that’s used to mix the colours and spray them all over the revellers. Not to mention the gallons yet that are needed to wash the colours OFF the brightly pink and yellow

Let me tell you a story. True story! So, three days back, my old neighbour who lives abroad with her daughter, came back to the country for a visit. Opened up her apartment that had remained shut for more than 18 months, but thanks to the neighbours, was maintained in decent condition, with an extra round of cleaning thrown in so the lady and her offspring didn’t get enveloped in dust the minute they stepped in. That night, at about 2:30 am, the old lady’s son-in-law, who seemed like a senior citizen himself, woke up to answer nature’s call. Went in to use the Indian

Another day, another watery tale of woe. Day after day, the media is filled with dismal stories about the misery resulting from an abject lack of water in parts of our country. The plight of the people worst affected is heinous. With the worst of summer yet to come, the harsh reality of our situation is that, this tale of woe has no end in sight yet. Due in major parts to our own greed and lack of forethought, the drought that has gripped the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Telengana, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana as well as the water scarcity that is