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2015: The Year in Posts

Our VenAqua blog is a fledgling. It came into existence just a few months back, out of a need to tell and share water stories, about conservation, sustainability and so on as it was related to our product, the VenAqua water meter. Our product is there to help you show you how much water you consume and thereby, help you save it.

And so, it made sense to talk about water. Quite a bit. Let’s see what all we spoke about this year, shall we?

The first ever post written on the blog is about saving Perumbakkam Lake in Chennai. This was a crowd-funding event and apart from contributing to the cause ourselves, we highlighted it and hoped it brought in new donors. “By tapping into the generosity of the people, both local and elsewhere, EFI aims to save the Perumbakkam Lakeand is looking to raise Rs. 5,00,000 for it. Let us all dig deep and contribute to this vital clean-up operation. Let us welcome back the lost birds and other fauna before they are lost to us forever.”

Another first, a curated post, was published on occasion of Earth Day. We shared some vital facts on this day, especially those that had an impact on the state of the world’s water and the state of conservation. I hope by the next Earth Day, we can see some positive change in the world around us, at least a few steps forward in the right direction.

Summertime stories for most of us that grew up in the erstwhile Madras is full of water – the utter lack of it, the fight to get more of it. Maybe we stood in a queue to get some, or had some hairy story wherein we nicked a few precious cans from a nearby stash! What’s your water story?

Summer also brought with it this delightful story of a bunch of children doing their bit to alleviate the thirst of the passers by, by setting up a free juice stall in their neighbourhood. As their squeaky voices rang out “juice! juice!”, none that walked past left without a big smile – and a cup of cold drink! And a reminder not to chuck the empty cup on the streets!

Environmental causes were one of the biggest topics for us, obviously. We asked if our thoughtless actions towards our planet has cost us too much, or do we have time yet. A drive around the neighbourhood with its towering cranes brought it home to us how much water would be needed to quench the thirst of these new families but where was the water?

One of India’s favourite festivals, Ganesh Chathurthi, or ‘Ganpati‘, rolled around, showing us exactly what our love for pomp and splendour was doing to our waters, our oceans, and the other lives that call it home. I wonder if the good Lord himself, a lover of simplicity, is happy at the amount of wastage and kill that is being carried out in his name?

Mars was in the news a lot this year. The Indians managed to launch the “Mangalyaan”, the Mars Orbiter Mission, for a fraction of the cost of all the other space launches. Then of course came the movie, The Martian and the news that water was found on the Red Planet – many moons ago. And then turned out Pluto might have the life giving stuff too! If we exhaust the earth’s supplies, maybe that’s where we should get our next lot of water tankers filled!

We threw a lot of facts at you: of water and wastage and then, later, about El Nino. The latter proved positively prophetic as Chennai almost drowned soon after the publication of that article, after a month and a bit of unprecedented rains, while other parts of the country suffered due to a decided lack of water.

One of the last posts of the year was also the most difficult one to write, as it was about the Chennai floods. The non-stop rains were just one of the reasons for the near calamity that followed. We listed a few reasons for this, what we consider might be the major contributors to the floods. Did you agree?

2016 is going to be an awesome beginning for all of us. We plan to delve deeper into sustainability, talk to some people doing interesting things in the field and learn more each day. Do stick around and bring your friends too!

We wish you a very happy new year 2016! Do let us know what content you would like to see in the new year.

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